Music requirements

Due Date
Feb 6, 2021

Main idea is to see how many types of scenes there are:

  • Intro scene (wakeup): 1 full-length song
    • Reinforce base: instrumental
  • Another instrumental song during the search for the encountering of aliens/pokemon
    • Once in combat, there will be a faster-paced instrumental song, with slightly different styles based on the type of alien and the planet that the character is on
  • After teleporting for the first time, there is another full-length song
  • Demo instrumental music for each planet while in "sandbox" mode
  • Final full-length song for the final stage
  • 1 instrumental song for the inventory (30 seconds, loop)
    • 1 instrumental song for the tech tree (30 seconds, loop)

In total:

  • 3 full-length songs
  • 6 instrumental songs